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Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr

Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr
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    Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr

    The Descriptions of Colonic Hydrotherapy Equipment:

    Natural Therapy Colon Hydrotherapy Machine, also known as colon cleansing or colonic irrigation, is often practiced as a form of alternative medicine. The claimed purpose of the procedure is to remove toxin, lose weight, prevent diseases, relieve constipation, promote general health and well-being.
    It is known that such procedure commonly involved the use of “Colonic Irrigation Systems” , which are medical devices originally intended for bowel preparation before radiological or endoscopic procedures.
    The client generally lies down on the hydrotherapy bed and the filtered constant temperature water is pumped through the rectum via a tube. Fluids and waste are expelled through another tube. A large volume of fluid, up to 60 litres would be introduced into the colon via the rectum. The procedure may be repeated several times.

    The Features of Colonic Hydrotherapy Equipment:

    1. With drawer and cabinet
    2. Dependable and safe operation
    3. Completely closed system
    4. Built in disinfecting system
    5. Water pressure regulator
    6. Water Lines with connections
    7. Pressure and temperature controlled with safety features
    8. Accurate, adjustable temperature control and shut down valve



    A Brief History

    Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics, is a natural therapy that has been practiced for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese all recognized the importance of colon health and used enemas to cleanse the colon. Today, colon hydrotherapy is a popular therapy that is used to help maintain digestive health.


    How Does it Work?

    Home colonic hydrotherapy equipment uses water to gently flush the colon. A small tube, inserted into the rectum, delivers water into the colon. The water then loosens and removes waste and toxins, leaving the colon clean and healthy.


    The Benefits

    1. Improved Digestion: Colon hydrotherapy can help improve digestion by removing toxins and waste that can build up in the colon.

    2. Boosts Energy: A healthy colon means better nutrient absorption which can help boost energy levels.

    3. Weight Loss: A clean colon can help improve metabolism and aid in weight loss efforts.

    4. Reduced Constipation: Colon hydrotherapy can help reduce constipation by removing blockages in the colon.

    5. Improved Skin: Cleansing the colon can help improve skin health since the skin is one of the body’s primary eliminative organs.

    Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr Hjem Colonic Hydroterapi Utstyr


    The Steps Involved

    1. Preparation: It is recommended to follow a healthy diet leading up to colon hydrotherapy to aid in the cleansing process.

    2. The Session: The session typically lasts 45 minutes to an hour. During this time, water is gently introduced into the colon and waste is removed.

    3. Post-Session: After the session, it is recommended to eat light, easily digestible foods and drink plenty of water.


    Who Needs It?

    Anyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy, but it is especially helpful for those who experience digestive issues, constipation, or who want to improve their overall health.


    Application Industries

    1. Wellness Industry: Colon hydrotherapy is a popular practice in the wellness industry due to its many health benefits.

    2. Medical Industry: Colon hydrotherapy is often recommended by doctors as a natural way to support digestive health.

    3. Fitness Industry: Colon hydrotherapy is a popular practice in the fitness industry as it can help improve digestion and support weight loss efforts.


    Final Thoughts

    If you are interested in improving your digestive health or experiencing any of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy, consider investing in home colonic hydrotherapy equipment. As professional colon hydrotherapy machine suppliers, colonic machine wholesalers, and colon hydrotherapy equipment manufacturers, we invite you to become a local distributor or reseller. Contact us through email, WhatsApp, or leave us a message for further information.


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